IP 67 portable Case Series WC / WCPB

High waterproof performance with both TPE and silicone gasket

ABS and TPE double-shot molded top & bottom covers allows for a good waterproof seal. The durable silicone gasket maintains the battery lid seal. Insert nut and screws allow the battery compartment to remain durable even after repeated opening/closing.

Great protection by TPE sides

Side grips in TPE material provides a comfortable grip and protection against drop impact.

3 color combinations available

Best for outdoor use as a remote control, RFID tag, compact GPS, wireless device, simplified measurement and so on.

  • TPE side grip provides not only a comfortable grip, but also protects from drop impact.
  • Suitable to be used as a remote controller, key fob, wireless device, RFID tag, and so on.
  • Case for CR2032 coin battery, and no battery compartment types are available.
  • Available in 2 different sizes and battery compartment types, with 3 color variations.
  • Exclusive PCB for WC series.
  • Glass epoxy board (FR-4), through-holes on both sides, 2.54mm hole pitch.
  • Designed with a battery contact hole. Battery contact position and direction are printed onto the pcb.

Catalog 2022/23

IP 67 portable Case Series WC / WCPB