Daub CNC Technik in Wenden

Founded in 1997 by Detlev Daub, Daub CNC Technik was at that time a one-man operation that initially only offered CNC sheet metal processing for local customers.

DAUB CNC Technik is a dynamically growing company with above-average returns and recognized as the best supplier and thus benchmark for individualized housing solutions for the protection of electronic assemblies.

Through targeted internationalization we are well positioned in Europe and have a broad and deep portfolio of equity customers.

We have a customer/market-relevant product range that consolidates our position as a top refiner of standard products from the technology leader.

As a key distributor of Takachi products in DACH and North-West Europe we offer a clearly structured product portfolio for customer-specific solutions from the standard range. We are the benchmark for the digital distribution of machined electronic enclosures with a wide range of products and services – economical, automated, sustainable. As a strong brand with a clear brand promise we are recognized for our delivery performance.

Through consistent application of structured and transparent lean processes and the use of CRM in SAP Business One we underpin our quality leadership and have a KPI-driven, automated and disproportionately profitable company.

Through the intelligent expansion of our vertical integration and our KPI-based production planning we are shortening our lead times and continuously streamlining our production processes.

We are technology leaders in material, format, function, haptics, design, properties and benchmark in the use of state-of-the-art technologies in product presentation, manufacturing and configuration (augmented reality, automation and individualization).

We use the technological partnership and innovative strength of our partner Takachi Electronics Enclosures to expand our own innovative capability and to actively and successfully bring our own individual solutions to the market.

We are the recognized performance partner for the refinement of Takachi products in Europe.

Our strong brand ensures that everyone involved identifies with the company’s goals and their implementation, and shapes our management and corporate culture and its sustainable further development.

Our strong employer brand enables us to successively attract and retain high-performing and highly qualified employees.

Currently, a new surface coating company is being built at a new location in the Olpe Hüppcherhammer industrial park. With the company Daub – surface technology we can anodize and passivate own products but also in service aluminum products.

In addition, we will build a new warehouse to deliver a wide variety of stocked standard enclosures directly to our customers.

Convince yourself of the competence and versatility – you are welcome to take a look at the Daub products in the showroom in Wenden and get an insight into the modern production.