• All products with integrated 3D preview

    Now you can see all products with integrated 3D preview. By use the >mobile app< for Tablet or Smartphone you are able to visualize the enclosure directly in the office or meeting room.

    Because of the visualization in Agumented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) you can evaluate exactly the suitability of the enclosures for your application.


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  • Series ITC

    Universal enclosure system suitable for the installation of touch solutions and tablet-computer-systems with the highest standards of design and functionality.

    Series ITC

  • Series MGS

    Flexible enclosure series for 19"-installation or desktop version.

    Series MGS

  • Series WP

    Waterproof plastic enclosure.

    Series WP

  • Series DSK

    Heatsink enclosure for passive cooling of internal electronics.

    Series DSK

  • Series AW

    Waterproof IP67 aluminum enclosure with heat dissipation function.

    Series AW

  • Series MTC

    The series MTC combines the advantages of a 19-inch enclosure with high functionality and modern design.

    Series MTC

  • Series LCT

    The series LCS, LCT and LC are ideal for mobile measuring instruments, test equipment, communications equipment, medical equipment, etc.

    Series LCT

  • Series WH

    IP67 waterproof hand-held enclosure with a stylish design.

    Series WH

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Processing and printing


Daub CNC develops and produces different enclosure solutions for various applications. The product range includes aluminium enclosures, plastic cases, front panels, cooling solutions and sheet metal processing. In addition Daub CNC provides surface treatments of aluminium enclosures, digital-printing and laser-engraving. Based on the standard products our employees can provide custom-requirements quickly and economically.