Liquid cooler made of extruded profiles serie DA


This profile can be used in many fields of electronics, controlled cabinet cooling, the overall heat transfer, heat exchanger or heating elements in the plastics industry. The particularly large width of 270 mm with a maximum length of 3.100 mm, it is also suitable for solutions in the plastics processing.


A liquid cooling system made of aluminum profiles with internal cooling channels. The maximum size is 270 × 20 mm. The extrusion has 8 cooling channels, each with a diameter of 10.5 mm. The two lateral guide grooves accept slewable slot nuts from M5 to M8. Thus, the profile can be easily fixed without mechanical processing.

Processing and function:

Depending on the application, the internal channels can be connected in parallel or in series or in a combination of both. For this purpose the profile is first drilled in the appropriate places transverse to the pressing direction. After that, all unused openings will be closed with so called expanders. The inflows and outflows are then provided with hose connections.

The profile can be cut by us in any dimension lengthwise and transversely. The complete mechanical processing can also be done by us.