EMC insert modules series TEK

Highlights insert modules series TEK:

  • Stability.
  • Complies higher EMC requirements.
  • Front panel unshielded or shielded with textile gaskets.
  • Angled rear wall.
  • Optional perforated side and top panels.
  • Integrated guide rails.
  • Front panel with recessed side and cover sheets.
  • Any height, width and depth feasible.
  • Customer-specific special solutions.
  • M2.5 threaded grooves for mounting non-standard modules.
  • Nut channel and guiding rails in the side profiles for Eurocards PCBs.
  • For 3U version side wall in one piece or three-pieces available.
  • Maximum space each HP is usable.
  • The mechanical dimensions of these plug-in units comply with the IEC 60297-3-101 or IEEE 1101.1 / 11.
  • Our plug-in modules are compatible with systems from other manufacturers. But our solutions have many improvements.
  • Custom machining and special sizes on request.