Subrack series xflexx


Our subrack series xflexx combine design, flexibility, stability and functionality in only one series. From simple open frame to complex housing systems with ventilation modules, most applications are covered. All module rails are fastened with 4 screws on the stable side profiles and ensure a stable basic structure. The vertical profiles are flexibly used both for 19“ installation as well as for desktop or tower versions. Attachable fan modules provide the necessary heat transfer and can be added anytime later on.


For applications according to IEC 60297 as well as IEEE1101-10


Increased EMC shielding characteristics are achieved by additional EMC components. For example we use silver coated seals with 1.8 mm diameter in the horizontal rails. The ventilation modules are connected with textile foam seals for EMC applications.


All aluminum profiles are electrically conductive, stained and chromium VI free passivated at the contact points. To meet the optical demands the visible surfaces are natural anodized. This is something special in subracks (partial anodizing). Attachments, panels and plug-ins are fine textured powder-coated. All RAL colors are available, standard colors are RAL 9005 (black), RAL 9006 (white aluminum) and RAL 5022 (midnight blue).