Modular case series MGS - superior

The flexible case series as a 19-inch plug-in box or desktop version.

The developmend of the series MGS superior is the improvement of our series MGC-classic, which is very successful since over ten years. The highest standards of electromagnetic compatibility, ease of installation, light weight and almost a ”screwless“ design are met by the new MGS series in an excellent manner - Available as 19-inch plug-in box or desktop version with variable width and depth.

Overview highlights:

  • Only four screws in 1U 19-inch version; 8 screws in • 2U and 3U; 16 screws at 4 U, plugged-in cover plates.
  • Degree of IP protection IP40, IP54 with EMC gaskets.
  • EMC gasket set as an option. - Extruded front panel, rear panel and side profiles in the highest precision at the limit of technical feasibility.
  • Heights from 1U to 4U; 6 standard depths from 140mm to 600 mm; Special widths and depths available on request.
  • Surface outside natural anodized, passivated conductive internal surfaces, RoHS compliant.
  • Colored sides with decor panels.
  • Special design without visible screws on the front.
  • Mounting plates vertically and horizontally.
  • Economically even in large series.