19" and Desktop enclosure series MGC

Modular enclosure series from 1HU to 6HU for installation of non standard components.


Front panel, rear panel and side profiles made of extruded aluminium profiles (from 4HU front panel made of 4 mm aluminum plates and rear panel made of 2 mm aluminum sheet). Top and bottom plates made of bent aluminum sheets in 2mm thickness.


The series MGC is suitable for applications with non-standard components. The components can be safely installed.


All external surfaces are natural anodized. All interior surfaces are electrically conductive, transparent passivated.

Dimensions of standard sizes:

Available from 1U to 6U 19“-plug in box from 140 mm to 600 mm depth. Optional with front handles, air vents, feet and adapters for installation in 19“ cabinets. Installation width 444 mm. The usable inside width is 433 mm. With a case width of 221.5 mm, the usable inside width is 210.5 mm. With a case width of 147.3 mm, the usable inside width is 136 mm.